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2019 Coaches Email


HERE WE GO AGAIN…sorry for late email - little crazy
My favorite week!!!- Lets meet at the glen Monday at about 8am.
Park all the way down at the bottom in the Utility lot - past the tent and past the Brown/Yellow House.
If you are getting this I am counting on you being at camp - if anything has changed please let me know.
If you have come to the camp before you know the drill and it will be similar this year - with minor changes - - - sorry for the long email but saves us from having a meeting - 
REMEMBER WE ARE AT THE GLEN THIS YEAR - 715 East Main Road - Portsmouth, RI
Read below - if you have questions or changes call me tomorrow - I do value your input and bringing what you may have done in the past into this program if it will enhance the camp.
Lets get on the field on monday at 745-800am - Campers will arrive by 830.
Day 1 is chaos - we will have A LOT kids this year so traffic control is important - and if you see something that needs to be done please jump in and do it - engage players - talk to parents - keep things flowing.
I will give you shirts and shorts - first thing monday so be there at 8am….to get it.
After monday we can be there at 830. For a 9 am camp day start.
Below is the outline for the week as it stands now - flexibility is the key to happiness - so it may all change…and some of it is dependent on weather. 
A few rules - you know if you have been coaching in the past.
1. Be completely present for the players and parents - interact. Don't go off in groups of 3-4 coaches and hang out and remove your self from the campers - Please be involved. No more than 2 coaches should be hanging out at a time - unless its lunch, before or after camp or you are organizing a drill or team practice.
2. In conjunction with above - please leave your cell phone in the tent or trailer unless you are a division head or need for an emergency or personal situation. I was at another camp this summer and saw several coaches with their head down texting and laughing. Its a pet peeve of mine.  Div Heads will have a cell phone in case of emergency communications.
3. I will supply you guys with shirts and shorts - wear them - please keep your shirts on at all times. Keeps it professional - also - please wear cleats or sneakers - no flip flops - I need you guys demonstrating - and getting involved. I actually saw a coach wipe out  on the field with flip flops on last summer - funny actually….
We break up the players up into divisions - each division has a leader - below is the breakdown - number of kids etc...
Note - this may change and is not final at this time.
ladies division - FIELD 5 - 60 Players Registered
Div Leader - Bill Villareal - 
coaches (Not sure this is right - Bill?)
Bill Villareal
Ann Villareal
Caitlin Villareal
Maddie Villareal
Caroline Villareal
Stef Salisbury
Kaity Doherty


DIV I - FIELD 1 - 2 - Grade 8-12 - 75 Players
DIV Leader- Mark Hoey -


Toby Almeida

Pat Cooney

Kyle Hurley - every day but wednesday

Rich Gnieding

Dennis Dobby when not doing goalie stuff

Larry Maderia 




DIV 2 - FIELDS 2-3 Grades 6-7 - 60 Players - 
Div Leader - Murph

Rich Bernasconi

Anthony Z

Jace C

Jack Damon

karl Jackson


DIV 3 - FIELD 4 - Grade 3-4 - 39 Players
DIV Leader - Dwayne

Brian Miller

Jeremy Rose

Dave Ozbourn

Sam Alofsin


(note - we may move coaches around between d2 and d3)

CLUB DIVISION - Field 4 Peanut Stadium - Grades K - 2 27 Players
DIV Leader - phil
Chris Mac
Ian Jack
Brendan M
Trevor Klym
GOALIES - Goalies will start at 830am -  like years past - Dennis, and goalie coaches will work with goalies for the first hour or so of camp and then integrate into drills by 10am. IF YOU WANT TO GET GOALIES THERE EVEN EARLIER We CAN DO THAT but i want to get them into drills by 10:30 latest
We also have some coaches who are goalies - and they can jump in if they want.
From the Iroquois Association we have the following players - They will float for the most part but also step in and coach as needed - and do demonstrations - Feel free to pull them in at any time and use them - 
Jeremy, Hiana, Miiles and Lyle Thompson
Tehoda Nanicoke
Cam Bomberry - all week
Tyler Hill - all week
Alfie Jaquies 
Ji and Dee Thompson - parents of the brothers
Jojo the war drummer - all week - bang those drums.
First aid will be in the tent - We have a trainer on site.
Steve Souza - technical operations and stick doctor - he will run the store and the tent, etc.
We will also have Kate Cianciolo and Gabby there as well.
If you have players who are just beat - (younger kids) you can send them to the tent so you can coach and Raegan handle.
Grades K-2 (some 3rd graders) will depart at 1pm - those coaches in the club division can move up to the other divisions as needed. 
We will have an AED on the golf cart  - I will do a quick over view for you guys on Monday - it has both adult and child pads on it - (the pads are what you stick to the chest - ) The adult pads are hooked up to it currently. You do not need to be CPR certified - to use it. IF I GO DOWN - HOOK ME UP AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS - it talks to you. There are several coaches certified to use it.
LUNCH - If you want lunch you will have to put in an order each day - personally i need to get off the pizza a bit and will not eat it every day….there is no cost if you want to have lunch….
NOTE- At lunch time I know we all need to take a load off. The campers do not just disappear at this time so coaches still need to keep an eye out for wandering campers, etc. 
Monday - D1
Tuesday - D2
Wednesday - D3
Thursday - Club
Friday - free for all
Below is what is going to parents and players.
Any questions let me know.







Welcome the 2019 Beach Dogs Lacrosse Summer Camp Program.

July 22nd - 26th



The Glen Fields/Seveney Sports Complex aka Polo Fields

715 East Main Road

Portsmouth, RI  02871



9:00am - 1:00pm - Grades K-2 - Half Day Program

9:00am - 3:00pm - Grades 3-12 - Full Day Program


What Division is my Child In?

Division 1 - Boys Grades 8-12 

Division 2 - Boys Grades 6-7 

Division 3 - Boys Grades 3-5 

Club Division  - Boys Grades K-2 

Ladies Division - All ladies All Grades




If you signed up for lunch online and paid you are all set - If you would like lunch you will need to pay on the first day if you did not pay at registration.


Please bring a check or cash.


Flatwaves will be served Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will have Pizza on Tuesday and Thursday.


Pick-up & Drop Off


All players must check-in upon arrival and check out upon departure.


DAY 1 - Monday ONLY - Drop off & registration will be at the main tent for everyone on day 1. Check-in times below 


830 - Division 1

845 - Division 2

900 - Division 3 and Club


Ladies can arrive between 830 - 900.


All parents are welcome to stay for camp introductions, meet some of the coaches, The Iroquois representatives, and some other special guests that morning and learn a bit more about the camp. Below is an outline of who will be here throughout the week. This is a moving target as schedules change....


Cam Bomberry Iroquois Lacrosse co-director

Tyler Hill - Disney's Crooked Arrows

Jojo The War Drummer

Jeremy Thompson

Hiana Thompson

Miles Thompson

Lyle Thompson

Ji and Dee Thompson - mom and dad....

Tehoka Nanicoke


Quite the line up - Google them if you are not sure who they are - they are some of the best players on the planet today...




PARKING - For day 1 registration and pickup, please park all the way down past the Brown house (which is yellow) on the left in the field parking lot. That will bring you closest to the tent.


Day 2 - 5 - Drop off will be at your fields by Division/grade level (note below) YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH A COACH- WE CANNOT ACCOUNT FOR A CAMPER IF WE DONT KNOW HE OR SHE IS THERE. Coaches will be at those fields Tuesday-Friday morning for check-in after 8:45am.


(field 1 is closest to East main road)

Field 1 - Division 1


Field 2 - Division 2


Field 4 - Division 3






PICK UP ALL DAYS FOR ALL DIVISIONS IS OUT OF THE MAIN TENT - Players will be gathered by the main tent for end of day announcements and raffles. Please park past fields on the left past brown house for pick up.






arm guards


shoulder pads



protective cup

water bottle




eye protection


water bottle

helmet if you have one....





Eat Breakfast before you arrive. The number one reason for fatigue and potential problems during the day can be avoided if you eat a good breakfast and drink some water or juice.


If you signed up for the lunch program it will be provided, each day. Bring your lunch if you did not sign up for lunch.


Bring Sun Screen - we will have some if needed but please put some on before you come. (do not put on forehead - under eyes good.)


Bring a water bottle - water water water.


Water will be provided on each field to refill as needed.


NOTE - after camp each day - drink water, it will hydrate you for the next day.




Monday - Day 1

We will move players to the fields at about 930am after Registrations and quick introduction and parents are welcome to stay for the following


1. Marshall Huggins will give a brief overview of the camp, goals and what going on for the week 


2. Cam Bomberry - Iroquois Lacrosse Association Director & Co Director 


3. Tyler Hill - Hobart graduate and actor in Crooked Arrows


Cam, Tyler and Jojo will be joined on Tuesday by Hiana and Mile Thompson. Jeremy and Lyle Thompson will arrive Wednesday along with Tehoka. They are playing in professional games so schedule is slightly different.


4. Meet Division Directors to get an overview of division programs for the week, goals & objectives.


Ladies Division - Bill Villareal

Division 1 - Mark Hoey

Division 2 - Brendan Murphy

Division 3 - Dwayne Stewart

Club - Toby Almedia




If for any reason the weather turns against us we may start camp late or end early. Keep a look out for emails. Monday and Tuesday look like a chance of rain - the rest of the week looks good.




There will be a camp store selling mouth guards, Gatorade, water, etc., and camp apparel and Iroquois Stringing supplies.


Campers can arrange to have their heads re-strung by our on-site stick doctors - cost $30. Please have a backup stick to use while your head is getting strung.


Campers will be available to get tee shirts, autographs from the Iroquois Players..


For every dollar spent in the store, campers will receive one raffle ticket for that days raffle.



We have an athletic trainer on site each day, all day. Jacob Towers is a PHS lacrosse alumni and employee of Olympic Physical Therapy. First Aid is located under the tent by the flag.

There is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on site


If your son or daughter has any medical condition, allergies, etc please plan to meet with  Jake on day 1 to make us aware.


There will be wireless internet access on the field to be used by camp staff as needed. Weather is monitored locally as needed and any communications will be emailed to parents throughout the day as needed. Incoming email will be monitored hourly. If parents have questions or concerns they can email    and expect a reply within an hour usually. Emergency communications will be by phone, incoming and outgoing. 


401-965-9622 is the number to call. Voice mails will be returned urgently.


Please note that if it is not an emergency please email.



Coaches & Staff

Please interact with any of the coaches & staff. One of the biggest assets of the Beach Dogs Lacrosse Programs are the coaches. 


Our friends from the Iroquois Program are here all week. They are an unbelievable wealth of knowledge about lacrosse and are some of the worlds best lacrosse players. As much as they play it is also their responsibility and in their culture to share what they know and pass it down. 



Parents are welcome to field at any time. We encourage you to come, learn, ask questions, etc.


We discourage players from bringing valuables. Please have a bag for all your belonging and keep your stuff in it. Please put campers names on all items. There will be a lost and found, however, Beach Dogs can not be responsible for lost or stolen items. 


Lastly, at Beach Dogs we have one rule, RESPECT. Please remind your campers that respect  for their coaches, their teammates, themselves and the game is expected at all times. Any disrespect is considered a disruption and any player can be asked to leave if breaking this rule.


See you on Monday!


Marshall Huggins

Beach Dogs Lax