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Welcome to the 2023 Beach Dogs Lacrosse Summer Camp Program.

July 24th - 28th



The Pennfield School

110 Sandy Point Ave

Portsmouth, RI 02871


Camp Hours

9:00am - 1:00pm - Grades K-2 - Half Day Program

9:00am - 3:00pm - Grades 3-12 - Full Day Program



Division 1 - Boys Grades 8 and up. 

Division 2 - Boys Grades 6-7

Division 3 - Boys Grades 3-5 

Club Division  - Boys Grades K-2 

Ladies Division - All ladies All Grades


Pick-up & Drop Off


Drop-off & registration will be at the check-in area for everyone on Monday. (see map)


For DAY 1 - In order to keep things flowing and avoid over-crowding, please adhere to the check-in times below: 

  • 8:30 - Division 1
  • 8:45 - Division 2
  • 9:00 - Division 3 and Club
  • Ladies can arrive between 8:30 - 9:00


Tuesday - Friday everyone can check in at 9 am at their division location (see map)


All players must check in at their fields upon arrival with their coaches and check out upon departure at the checkout location. 

PICK UP ALL DAYS FOR ALL DIVISIONS IS OUT OF THE MAIN AREA - Players will be gathered by the main check-out area for end-of-day announcements and raffles. 






If you signed up for lunch online and paid you are all set. If not and you would like to order lunch for the week, you will need to pay when checking in on Monday.


We will have Pizza on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Flatwaves will be served Tuesday and Thursday.





arm guards


shoulder pads



protective cup

water bottle/snacks




eye protection


water bottle/snacks

helmet if you have one….


* We discourage players from bringing valuables. Please have a bag for all your belongings and keep your stuff in it. Please put camper's names on all items. There will be a lost and found, however, Beach Dogs can not be responsible for lost or stolen items. 





Eat Breakfast before you arrive. The number one reason for fatigue and potential problems during the day can be avoided if you eat a good breakfast and drink some water or juice.


If you signed up for the lunch program it will be provided, each day. Bring your lunch if you did not sign up for lunch.


Bring Sun Screen - we will have some if needed but please put some on before you come. (do not put on forehead - under eyes good.)


Bring a water bottle and water - water water water.


We will be selling water and have water available but will not be putting water out on fields as we continue to follow some covid-19 guidance. 


NOTE - after camp each day - drink water, it will hydrate you for the next day.





There will be a camp store selling mouth guards, Gatorade, water, etc., and camp apparel and Iroquois Stringing supplies.


Campers can arrange to have their heads re-strung by our on-site stick doctors - cost $30. Please have a backup stick to use while your head is getting strung.


Campers will be able to get tee shirts and autographs from the Iroquois Players..


For every dollar spent in the store, campers will receive one raffle ticket for that day's raffle.

NOTE - raffle tickets are given out for good deeds. Picking up garbage, and balls, helping other players, being a good sport. Every coach can give raffle tickets.




First Aid is located by the trailer, and on the golf cart.

There is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on site 

If your son or daughter has any medical condition, allergies, etc please plan to drop off on day 1 to make us aware.



There will be wireless internet access on the field to be used by camp staff as needed. Weather is monitored locally as needed and any communications will be emailed to parents throughout the day as needed. Incoming emails will be monitored hourly if parents have questions or concerns they can email    and expect a reply within an hour usually. Emergency communications will be by phone, incoming and outgoing. 


401-965-9622 is the number to call. Voicemails will be returned urgently.


Please note that if it is not an emergency please email.



If for any reason the weather turns against us we may start camp late or end early. Keep a look out for emails. We are usually blessed.



Coaches & Staff

Feel free to interact with any of the coaches & staff. One of the biggest assets of the Beach Dogs Lacrosse Programs are the coaches. 


Our friends from the Iroquois Program are here including Cam Bomberry, Tyler Hill and Alex Cook and some others. They are an unbelievable wealth of knowledge about lacrosse and are some of the world's best lacrosse players. As much as they play it is also their responsibility and in their culture to share what they know and pass it down. 



Lastly, at Beach Dogs we have one rule, RESPECT. 

Please remind your campers that respect for their coaches, their teammates, themselves, and the game is expected at all times. Any disrespect is considered a disruption and any player can be asked to leave if breaking this rule.



See you on Monday!


Marshall Huggins, Beach Dogs Lax