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Note -

All Subs are on the fly only.



Pre Game Conference

Review rules below with team captains and officials

Game Time

      2  30 minute halves

Coin Toss


Penalty Timing

1.5x NCAA penalty times (i.e., 45 seconds for technical; 90 seconds for personal)

Time Outs


Face Off

      Down - Set -- Whistle


NCAA -  4 sec goalie count; 30 sec offensive possession in the box.

Get It In/Keep It In

Last 2 minutes of 4th quarter for team in the lead, including wing/alley

Play On

NCAA play on is in force; whistle when change of possession 

Alternate Possession

In force

Long Sticks

Maximum of 4

Dive Rule

USED - no diving into the crease

Stick Checks

No mandatory stick checks; can be requested by team captains

Body Checks

NO TAKE OUT CHECKS - NO CHECKS ON A DEFENSLESS PLAYER- No more than 3 steps prior to hit; NCAA rules apply otherwise, LIMITED BODY CHECK - WE HAVE WORK TOMORROW    Any hit deemed unnecessary and potentially harmful to an opposing player,             may, at the discretion of the referee, result in a personal foul or expulsion.


LEAGUE EXPULSION - Done for the summer - NO REFUNDS
Officials report incident to League Commissioner

Take-Out Checks

3 minute non-releasable penalty and game expulsion
Officials report incident to League Commissioner
In official's view check was "to intentionally cause serious harm or injury"

Maligning Officials

3 minute non-releasable penalty
Game expulsion for second offense in a single game


Cancelations & Updates will be posted online by 4pm the day of league games.
There are no make-up games or refunds for canceled games.


      Back Court       after offensive possesion established in box, errant pass or intentional crossing of mid-field is a  play-on turnover.