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Marshall thank you. I am humbled and very grateful that my son Luke has had the opportunity to be part of the beach dogs camp again this summer. He is a better athlete and teammate without a doubt and becoming a better citizen through the experience, coaching and mentoring you and your dedicated staff consistently provide each summer. 


Hi, I wanted to say thank you for the help with re-stringing my son's stick last week.  Having the chance to stop by the camp was also eye-opening, especially with the many coaches and personalities you included in the program.  Good stuff!



Camp has been awesome! I’ve been more concerned about the heat this week then COVID (Bobby has a pretty low tolerance for these oppressive days) but each day I pick him up he’s happier than the next. He hops in the car regaling me with stories from his epic day. Unfortunately, he smells like a hot Italian grinder with extra onions but you gotta take the good with the bad. 

Cheers to you. 
Max had an absolute blast at camp. This was his first year, and he could not stop talking about how much fun he had. We look forward to participating again next year. Huge thank you to Stevie and all who helped with the D3 group. They were all great with the coaches. 
I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you, your staff, and all of the amazing coaches who helped this past week! It was one of the greatest camps I have ever observed and I am incredibly thankful that my son Kyle got to be a part of it! He will definitely be back next year!
The daily messages of gratitude, thanksgiving, love of sport, team, and fellow players inspired me every morning and provided fantastic talking points for our family every night! They served as great reminders of the real purpose of sport(s)! THANK YOU!
THANK YOU again for all of the hard work you, your staff, and coaches put in to making the last week so incredible!! 


Hi dear friend, 

It’s so sad to know how much our lives have changed in 2020.   I pray this difficult time paves the way to new and exciting program ideas for Beach Dogs. 
Aj was complimented this season by a coach who said “ where’d you learn all this, you play like a northerner!   What a complement.  AJ has been heavily sought after down here in the south because he is a clean player, something that is quite rare in southern sports.  At times he has been bullied by his team mates due to his refusal to play dirty, speak dirty, argue with refs etc.  In many ways his lax world has been ruined here in SC as he is so discouraged that his talent and ability is often overshadowed by team members who are constantly displaying negative behaviors.   It’s so sad! 





Thank you.  

Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the Beach Dogs program.  I cannot explain the impact it has had on Annabel, not just in her lacrosse performance but also in her mindfulness.  Coach Bill, The Thompson Family, Tyler, Tehoka et al’s interactions with her are all she talks about.  It also didn’t hurt that she won Jerome’s stick in a raffle.  We have also seen her be more tolerant of others mistakes.  It was just such an amazing experience for her and I cannot thank you enough.  I will be praising this program to all who have children interested in the game of lax and its history.

Thank you so much for giving us such a great introduction to the sport with Beach Dogs Lacrosse, truly…because of your dedication, it was the best coaching and athletic mentoring experience the boys had to date. What struck us most as parents was how well you worked with the kids on skill building in just six short weeks. It might sound basic but so many youth sports these days are primarily focused on competition not skill building- and so many times, kids are competing in a sport they don't really know how to play. My only regret was that the boys did not have more time to train with you and your team before we had to relocate. As parents, we were so excited to see them so challenged (in great ways) by a sport…and at the same time, see them having so much fun with that challenge. I have shared information about your program with many parents who are there for a longer period of time. Please keep doing what you're doing with the kids!!



I just wanted to reinforce what you already know, the Camp you ran was amazing.  My son had picked up a stick for the first time a week before (7 years old), after your camp he doesn’t want to put his stick down.  The coaches were amazing and made it fun, educational, and meaningful throughout the week.  Coach Phil (Roger Williams) really transitioned from college to teaching fundamentals with joy and inspired the young guys.  Coaches Tyler and Jo-Jo were always around the kids, pumping them up, teaching them, listening to a lot, and explaining how and why things should happen.  It was such a great experience that I am going to see if my family can stay in Newport a bit longer to do it again next year.






Good Morning!
I just wanted to thank you for an amazing week of camp!  Will had a fantastic time and really learned a lot.  He loved the staff too. 
He can’t wait to go back next year!




Just wanted to let you know what a great time my son(Matthew S) had at camp this year.
He's in first grade and played one year in the town league and had a decent time, but was not sure if he wanted to play again.
After camp this week, he seems completely hooked. He can't stop talking about Casey and Queener and is in his room practicing stick handling as we speak. He's already asking about camp next year and looking forward to the Spring season.
It's great to see him this excited about the sport and his improvement in just one week with you guys has greatly exceeded expectations.

Thanks again for a great week...it is appreciated.

You have some true saints coaching the peanuts. Huge props to Glenn and Phil for having an insane amount of patience with Grant who is testing my every nerve this week. He says he was nervous but he seemed to rally and on the car ride home couldn’t stop talking about his great day at camp. 


I wanted to reach out to compliment you on a very successful week last week. I know that coordinating Beach Dogs camp takes a lot of effort and probably takes a small army to pull off.  The camp was very organized (at least it appeared to be so!) and we appreciated the extra communication.  The kids had a blast, honed their skills and learned a little more about lacrosse from the various guests you invited to come.  Caleb came home every day jazzed about what he had done.

You always give your best to the kids.  Lacrosse on the island wouldn’t be what it is without you, but last week was exceptional.  Thank you.




This is so much more than a lacrosse camp. Make a stick with the iroquois stick maker, making mesh, stringing sticks and the best on field instruction my son and daughter got all year. That on top of learning about the history of the sport, from the Iroquois was unbelievealbe. Everynight I learned something listening to my kids. We will be back.




Dear Marshall,
Just wanted to take the time to thank you and everyone else involved with the beach dogs LAX summer camp. Cam had so much fun- he had a smile on his face, was exhausted each day but still came home and practiced LAX. It was great to see him enjoy a summer camp experience so much and to have his interest in LAX reignited. I am sure that there were countless hours of planning that went into organizing the camp and many helpers on scene as well as behind the scene I wanted to acknowledge that and take the time to say how much appreciated it was. 
Thanks again,

Marshall,  Just a note of thanks for a fantastic camp!  My son, Aidan, loved it and felt he learned a lot and improved as a player this week.  I found the camp so well run and organized.  Looking forward to it again next summer!


First, thanks for excellent camp experience! My son said it was the best camp he's ever attended and has already recruited some friends for next year.  Thank you for highlighting Casey Powell's foundation....what a wonderful thing to do and have donated already & submitting the donation as my company matches 100%.



Thanks for another great camp – I came home to find my son had a whole new fluency and comfort and love for the game.  Really love the program you've built and the pros who attend. 
Thanks for a great week of camp! My kids wished that camp continued for next week as well. They really enjoyed meeting the "guest"'coaches, Casey Powell, Tyler Hill, Brett Quenner and Shawn Evans. We were all impressed at how humble and friendly they all are. Such great role models for the sport. We are looking forward to camp next year! 




My son Tyler attended camp this year and would not have been able to had it not been for the financial aid that we received.  He had an amazing time and learned a ton.  He didn’t know any other camper so was a bit anxious, however the other campers and the coaches were great.  Just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how much we appreciated this opportunity and how well the camp was run.  I really appreciated the daily emails and the pics.



Thank you Marshall and to all the other coaches for another great year!! Our son Chase loves your camp and it's a huge highlight each summer for him.  It's always so we'll run, everyone is so caring and the kids all have a blast.  See you next year!! 



My son and daughter have done just about every camp in rhode island and none of them compare to what you have created. It is quite simply the most well rounded camp in the area. The staff is by far the best around, it is the most organized and the ongoing communications throughout the week are above and beyond any other camp around. Keep it up.


Malcolm had a great time at camp, thanks.

He enjoyed learning about the history of the sport and the psychological part as well. Great to have a full rounded camp.

See you next year.




I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! My son just started playing Lacrosse 3 years ago when his High School started up a team. He fell in love with the sport right from day one. Since this was his first experience with Lax he is always looking for ways to "get better". I found beach dogs while during a search for summer camps. We are so thankful we found you! He LOVED the camp and all the friends he made. He can't stop talking about how much he learned! On the last day when he got in the car at the end of the day, the first thing out of his mouth was "I can't wait until next summer"! I was so happy to hear how much he enjoyed the camp! We live in Taunton, Ma so we had an hour commute both ways! But after hearing how much he enjoyed camp it made every minute spent commuting so worth it!! So thank you again and he will DEFINITELY be back next summer!


Before the end of the last day of camp today, I just wanted to reach out to thank you for another great week of lacrosse camp.  Nathan couldn't have had a better week.  He's come home tired, sore, and very happy every day.  Although having played lacrosse all day at camp, he's been throwing and catching every day til dark all week.  Besides the fun he's having I also wanted to mention some other things that are appreciated about the week.
Communication-Fantastic.  We haven't been involved in any another camps/programs where the communication to the                     parents is as complete, detailed and frequent as with you
Value- Your camp is hands down the place everyone looking to send their kids to lacrosse camp should end up
Counselors- Nathan comes home every day telling us about how cool all the coaches are.
Special Guests- The folks you have visiting couldn't be cooler for the kids
Lunch- fun for the kids and convenient for the parents
I would say the only thing that you haven't been able to control to perfection is the weather, but Nate thought it was a blast to play in the rain, so no complaints there at all. 
Nice job all around to you and your staff.  See you next year.


We just wanted to thank you and your staff for another great Beach Dogs camp this year.  You have such a great, attentive staff, it is run so well and our son, Chase, always has such a great time. He's one of the younger kids and we know he is in great hands when he is with you all.
See you next summer!

I have been meaning to send this e-mail to say Thank you and WOW!!  What a great week you organized!!!  All the parents and kids I spoke to said how much fun it was.  Matt is still talking about it, swinging his stick and just this am asked if we could get more tickets to the Boston Cannons.  He and jeff went last sat w/the tickets he won and had a blast. He has drunk the Lx cool-aid!!


Cooper loved your camp, every day was a positive, she had never played the game and so wanted to know about it. She learned so much, and can't wait to play more. Cooper is a shy girl so w didn't know what to expect, she felt so comfortable with her coaches, and looked forward to her day. Your run a very organized camp, with highest of positive energy. I would recommend Beach Dogs to anyone interested in lacrosse. Thank you,

Two of my three are at camp this week, BOTH boys have been thrilled with lacrosse since this season, last year, they could have cared less.  They were so excited to attend camp, came home exhausted and couldn’t stop talking about it
Thanks for all you do

While I'm pretty sure there is a place in heaven for folks like yourself who give so much so that others can appreciate life in a slightly differant way, I definitely believe there is a place for you in the "Creators'" heaven.


You embody all that is great about life and the game of lacrosse...your mission of making connections between the sport and the native American culture is unbelieveably inspiring...and, the magic you made happen for 30 Wampanoag boys and girls was unbelievably magical. Few know how much effort went into the magic that occured on a lacrosse field in Portsmouth yesterday morning (I hope it was captured in a picture) but, I for one, found it to be one of the most amazing experiences I've had in my life and certainly in the game of lacrosse.


YOU are an asset to us all who love the game of lacrosse and honor its heritage...thanks for making magic happen for the Wampanoags and me.

It's been a long week going back & forth from "the mainland" twice a day with very short days at work but well worth it to hear how excited my son is at the end of each day!   He's already told me he wants me to arrange next summer around the schedule for your camp so he can attend again.
Will you be posting the photos from the slide show @Jane Pickens on Wed pm?
There were a couple of shots with my son and, Lord knows, he never lets ME take his picture :)

Just wanted to thank you and your staff - and especially Martha - for all your efforts making this past week such a success.  Though I am chronologically far removed from being a kid, I think like one most of the time, and the joy and good spirits I saw in the faces of the kids this week was simply amazing.  I can't imagine a lacrosse junkie having any more fun than one of the boys or girls at Beachdogs did this week. 


  MAC LOVED IT!  It was SO FUN.  He spent Saturday throwing and catching against his rebounder.  One day he came home and said, “the drills are a lot of fun”.  Which is just surprising for a hot day of lax, and since he volunteers nothing, just short of amazing.  THANK YOU for putting it all together.

FANTASTIC CAMP.  Great coaching, etc.  It was a great, positive experience.  And the movie was a terrific addition.  Thank you for being so involved and for bringing lacrosse to so many kids,

Thank you both for another awesome week of Beach Dogs camp!  Jack has had so much fun and learned so much every summer.  How many days until next year's camp?


Thank you for a great week of camp.  Both of our boys loved it.  This is the third summer they have attended and I was very impressed with how organized everything was and how much fun the boys had.  We will definitely see you in the fall.
Thanks again,




Tom enjoyed last week's Beachdog camp immensely !  Thanks so much for the wonderful experience.


We were all very impressed with your high level of organization, planning and communication...all of which combined to make this camp one of the best Jason has attended.  The caliber of players was high and made for some great scrimmages....which was a great playing  experience for someone entering 9th grade !


Having the Iroquois players not only "visit" but, participate with the campers was an extraordinary experience !


What wonderful role models for our young teenagers and a rare chance to meet in person the players we watched play at Gillette during the championship game.


As I mentioned to you previously, clay missed his Spring sports season due to ankle surgery.  Therefore, I was especially pleased that he could play lacrosse this summer during the Wed night games and the camp week : ) Not only has he had great fun, he has gotten his confidence back and that will help when trying out for the Moses Brown team in the Spring.

He just read your email regarding the Fall Sunday games...and thinks that it is a great idea !

thanks for everything,



Thanks for a great experience for Paul. He really liked it and I think he learned more from your camp than he has from any other lacrosse camp he has attended. He is just going into high school and I believe he still needs to learn. Thank you very much for providing this opportunity. He has already said he wants to participate more next year – camp and playing on Wednesday nights.

 Again, thank you.


Thanks so much for including me again this year in the Camp.  I thought it was a terrific week of lacrosse.  With the Brits and the Iroquois it was really much more than a camp; it was truly a celebration of the game of lacrosse!
During the week I asked several campers what they thought and the response I received was overwhelmingly positive. Your love and respect for the game is very evident and shone through to the kids the entire week.  The fact that enrollment was way up over last year pretty much says it all.  Beginning and ending the day with words from Delmoor was a great touch.  At one point he spoke to the goalies about visualizing shots as they are taken as a way to help concentrate on the ball and "slow" it down in order to make it more savable (my words not his). Clearly, he had their attention during his entire talk. I thought the Brits worked hard the entire week and were a pleasure to coach; they were very receptive to my suggestions as I gave them during the games or drills.


Fin has fallen in love with the sport and everyday was such a pleasure to see his huge grin when I picked him up.  Having never played Lacrosse before, his enthusiasm was fantastic. We are new to the area and this experience has been such a help... made new friends, felt part of a team and an amazing introduction to this wonderful sport. 

Fin has expressed that he would love to continue playing Lacrosse.  Is there a Fall/Spring league for his age group (he is going into 7th grade)?
Warmest wishes and thank you once again.


A huge thank you for the fantastic camp you organized this week.  I'm sure a huge amount of work is involved to pull off a camp like this ... thank you.


He has enjoyed all of the lacrosse Beachdogs have provided...from the Wed. evenings all summer to the wonderful Camp to this Fall opportunity!

 He is a freshman at Moses Brown..and hoping to play JV Lacrosse in the Spring.

 There was a "sign-up" meeting at school this week about Spring Lacrosse and Jason was very glad to be able to fill parts that asked "Did you go to Lacrosse Camp this summer?"

Have you played any Lacrosse since last Spring", etc.

Thanks for providing such great lacrosse opportunities for these players!


Thanks for all of the great emails and updates.  Ben has had a GREAT week - it is a wonderful camp


Gabe is having a great time. He spends all his free time in our backyard with his stick and ball. Good on you guys for the inspiration.


Thanks for a great week at the camp.  Owen really enjoyed himself. Great job!
PS- As we were pulling out of the Glen he asked if we could sign up for camp next year.


Thank you for an awesome week.  Matthew loved the camp and it reinforced his desire to play LAX at PHS.  Many thanks for all of your hard work for our children.  I greatly appreciate it.


I want to thank you for inviting me to work at the Beach Dawgs Camp.  It was a really positive experience for me.  I love the atmosphere that you have created for the kids: they work hard, have fun and learn a lot about both the xs and os and the spirit and history of the game. The Iroquois (especially Cam and Ansley) were terrific; the Iroquois folk tale was wonderful and Cam had just about everyone's attention as he told it to us.
I've worked many camps during the over thirty five years that I've coached and no camp that I have ever attended has done such a good job of helping the kids learn about the culture and community that is lacrosse. You worked tirelessly all week to make sure the experience was a positive one for each camper.  You went out of your way to make sure the Iroquois felt at home and a part of the camp.
Great job and now you can relax by going back to work!